• With funding from ARIASP (A World Bank Project), the R.O.I. has implemented a Model Agro-economic Project aimed at utilisation of land & manpower after harvest of crop from November to June and enhancing the production and income of Agriculturists by changing the cropping pattern, thereby bringing about an attitudinal change.
  • HUDCO Building Centre financed by HUDCO to facilitate the cost effective building & building materials to rural poor and to provide new technology to Artisans, Masons, Welders & Carpenters and others to improve skills and acquire technology. HUDCO has also granted financial assistance for setting up a Clinical Laboratory to facilitate health services
  • Execution of Programme for development of women under MPLAD fund of Sri S.M. Dev, M.P.
  • Consultancy Services (Submission of) Gandhi-Block Project for Lakhipur Development Block etc.
  • With financial assistance from CAPART a scheme on integrated development work in two villages in CHATLA area is implemented. The scheme consists of increasing the income of fisherman community through developing pit fisheries and horticultural plantation. This project was a grand success.
  • National Watershed Development Project in Rainfed areas is an integrated rural development project for increasing agricultural productivity through soil and water conservation measures and maintaining the ecological balance
  • For self employing the rural youth we have imparted training in different trade viz. Power Tiller and Power Pump Mechanic course, Bamboo Craft course, Electrician course, Horticulture & Plantation crops management course, Mushroom and Honey production course, Fish Seed production etc. Altogether 116 boys and girls are trained in these courses. The courses are sponsored by DRDA.
  • To combat a part of the above problems we have selected mostly Agro based trades for the training Programme
  • Imparting Modern Technique and infusing a sense of respectability, the educated youths are now taking part in Agro based trades for self employment which they once shunned.
  • Our training on motivation and self-confidence has brought unique results.
  • Considering the present socio-economic condition of the scheduled caste community specific projects have been formulated particularly for scheduled caste community. For example a scheme for training and rehabilitation of the youth from the fishermen and S.C. community, namely, Chatla Haor Project for directly benefiting 1000 families has been submitted to the Government of India.
  • Chronic unemployment amongst youths of Tea Garden areas has posed a serious problem. Retrenchment, inability to provide works to workers and the increase of population being the main factors. SATINDRA MOHAN DEV MEMORIAL TRUST sponsored a project for training up 200 nos. of youths exclusively from Tea Garden areas. The programme has created impact and most of them are now self-employed.


                a)  Child development and child care.

                b)  Training of handicapped persons in vocational trade.

                c)  Establishment of X-Ray centre.

                d)  Watershed development projects.

                e)  Reclamation of low lying and water logged areas for the benefit of the rural people.

                f)  Agro forestry etc.
                    The project location and size will be as per desire of the donor/agency/Govt

                g)  Vocational training for child labours.

                h)  Preparing unemployed persons specially of weaker section of the society for different govt. employment examinations / interviews.

                i)  Micro financing.